What are Burnley’s Influencers up to now?

Last year when we kicked-off Burnley Social, we spoke to blogger Emma Campbell, make-up artist Elise Munroe and Kyle Ellis, owner of Ellis’s. It’s over a year later and we’re keen to hear all about where life has taken these three young entrepreneurs…

Emma Campbell

Instafamous for: WhatEmmaDid.com fashion & lifestyle blog, now known as Powder Rooms

So what’s changed?

Powder Rooms is the re-brand of WhatEmmaDid.com, which still focuses on the things I recommend, try out and love, however it incorporates a lot more self-care and wellness articles, as well as career advice and organisation tips. As the years went on, I found myself enjoying content around those topics rather than sharing outfit posts every day. It’s still aimed at women, and shares beauty and fashion tips, but it’s much more ‘editorial’ now.

The blogger & influencer space has changed

It is very crowded and although I do feel that anyone has the chance to succeed and thrive in the space, it is much more of tougher place to stand out, I have started to focus a little more of personal journeys and struggles, which at the moment is fighting adult acne. It was a little scary at first posting no makeup photos, but the response from everyone has been so uplifting!

On finding a dress for her upcoming wedding…

It’s an utter nightmare – I’m worse than I thought I would be. Some styles I thought I would love were not very flattering and then others which seem to suit me perfectly seem a little understated, so it’s going to be a long journey. The one I fell in love with cost just under £6,000 which I just cannot do (unless I win the lottery) so…. let the fun begin!

Getting back to Burnley

I have friends around Blackburn, Preston and Clitheroe therefore I will occasionally pop by when I am up that way. It’s such a lovely place, and I always recommend the university to people especially as I went to UCLan.

 Best piece of advice to pass on

I always remember an artist I interviewed about 9 years ago telling me to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, and it always sticks in my head. I feel like when you’re really nervous about something, it is usually because it is an opportunity you should be taking – the best things aren’t easy. 

You can check out more about Emma over on her new website

Kyle Ellis

Instafamous for: Dirty burgers. Shakes. Fries. Beers. Cocktails and… the Tango Ice Blast. And winning a Burnley Social award for ‘Foodie Favourite’.  

Things have changed at Ellis’s…

Ellis’s is busier than ever. We’ve launched our first fully licenced bar with some awesome beers, cocktails and gins. Our alcoholic Tango Ice Blast might just be changing the game…

New mouth-watering menu additions for 2020.

We recently launched a brand new food menu with a massive range of filthy burgers, loaded fries and other goodness. I don’t want to give too much away – you’ll have to come and see for yourself…

Burger/drink combo of the moment

We’ve got some good deals on where you can hook yourself up with a burger and beer or a gin so that’s the most popular currently, but our pink gin & Fanta lemon/dirty fries combo before Christmas was pretty insane!

Check out the latest delicious menu additions at Ellis’s

Elise Munroe

Instafamous for: Being a girl make-up boss and her signature fluffy brows and of course for winning a Burnley Social Award for Fashion and Beauty.

How 2020 is looking for Elise

Now that horrible January is over it’s gone crazy again with being fully booked nearly every weekend! I have been back on BBC Radio Lancashire talking more fun and exciting things to come with my business and what I want to excel in this year.

Gathering wisdom after one year in business

I have learnt that even when you have those down days and think you aren’t doing so well to just keep carrying on. Ignore the haters, social media and just be yourself. Being my crazy self has made people more at ease knowing they can just talk about anything when they come to have their make-up done with me.

Collaborating with other creatives in Burnley

I have been collaborating with well-known faces such as Carrie who is behind fashion brand, Rene K. I love doing this as working with such well known people with big social audiences helps to get your work out there and not only that, we’ve become friends along the way and have done shoots together. Carrie and I recently went to Charlotte Crosby’s talk show and met up with her for a couple of drinks afterward which was really nice.

Trends to watch this year

I personally love ‘no make-up, make-up” and “full heavy glam” looks. I’d say natural make-up is becoming more of a trend as you can still tell you have make-up on but also had the illusion you don’t and that you skin is just naturally glowing.

You can find out more about Elise by visiting her Instagram and Facebook

Courtney Laird

Instafamous for: Her clothing brand Genki and providing social media and marketing support for nearly every business in Burnley!

What Courtney has been up to…

I have been incredibly busy since we spoke last, probably the busiest i’ve ever been! I have been spending all my time and energy investing in my new social media business, Ginger Red Social Media. I started the company 6 months ago, not expecting it to flourish as much as it did! within the first month I had 4 clients, and now I have 8. It’s very full on and a 24 hour job! I do everything from social media management, photography shoots, website & logo design and event planning.

What about Genki?

Yes, I am still involved and I am currently working on new Spring/Summer designs, however, Genki has definitely taken a back seat as I have been concentrating on Ginger Red. I have also been trying to be as sustainable as possible, so I now work on a made to order basis to reduce excess waste.

Next steps for Courtney (including wedding bells!)

2020 is all about working hard and building on my Ginger Red clientele, whilst getting my business recognised. As my business develops I will need to hire an apprentice to work along side me. I have also started offering one-to-one social media classes with people who want to take their business to the next level. In addition to this, I would love to organise a 1 Year Anniversary party for Ginger Red, hiring out a venue & inviting everyone who has helped me along the way – all my network, my clients, bloggers & businesses from around the area. I am also getting married in June!

The best advice she’s ever been given

‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”

Follow Courtney at Genki, or at Ginger Red Social on Instagram.