The Big Burnley Food Market

Many people might associate Burnley food with a meat pie, black pudding or even a traditional Lancashire Hotpot – but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Where else in Lancashire can you experience authentic food from across the world whilst sitting in just one place?

From the beaches of Greece to the streets of Italy, the food at Burnley Food Market will transport you to different worlds – without the expensive air fare.

The food hub in the centre of town is a smorgasbord of eateries, cafes and takeaways that serve food from the four corners of the globe.

Where to Eat in Burnley?

Made from ingredients directly sourced from Greece, the Olive Tree offers a taste of the Mediterranean for hungry lunch-goers. Their menu is simple but delicious, much like some of the food they sell. Although they serve a wide range of dishes such as jacket potatoes and salads, it is the traditional Greek delicacies such as Moussaka and Gyropita that leave people coming back for more.

If you prefer food from the other side of the Mediterranean The Squashed Tomato is the place to go for fresh Italian pizza and pasta! The Asian style pizza is one of the more popular choices from the incredible range available, and at just £4.50 for a large option, it isn’t hard to see why The Squashed Tomato is one of Burnley’s best eateries.

Heading from West to East, Burnley Market also has an unrivalled Chinese café – Wok This Way. The menu includes favourites such as egg fried rice, noodles and salt and pepper chicken wings, but the food outlet also supplies all the ingredients to recreate their dishes at home.

After eating your way around the world, you can succumb to your sweet tooth with crepes, cupcakes and candy to enjoy at the market or to take away with you.

Of course, no market would be complete without delis, traditional cafes and a fresh produce stand.

If you’re up for a culinary extravaganza here in the heart of Burnley – the food markets are the best place to be.