Students are shown why Burnley Means Business in first event of 2022

Burnley Means Business, - panelists Rebecca Jane, Sam Keenan and Chris Forrest

Today (February 1st) Burnley College learners met with three successful business pioneers that have grown their careers in Burnley.

The event ‘Burnley Means Business’ was organised in order to inspire advanced level learners by introducing them to guest speakers from local businesses.

It was the first event of the year for and the guest speakers included; Sam Keenan, Marketing Director at the award-winning +24 Marketing; Rebecca Jane, best-selling author and owner of mental health firm RJ8; and Chris Forrest, owner of the rapidly growing signage company TCB Designs.

Starting with a short introduction and motivational talk from each speaker, the event then went on to a Q&A session and ended with some exciting business pitches from a selection of students.

Organiser of the event Luke Pollard has said, “This morning has been a massive success. We aimed to show the 90-or-so students why it’s so good to be part of the Burnley business community – and I think we truly succeeded. I particularly enjoyed the business pitches from students as each idea related to the local area in one way or another, whether through market research or application of the product.”

The business ideas included a cup that changes colour when spiked to alert drinkers, electric car charging ports that are tailored to terrace houses and tyres that help charge a car battery through kinetic and thermal energy.

Peter Winter, curriculum manager for business at Burnley College concluded, “This was the first Burnley Means Business event we’ve had, and it went so well that we’ll definitely look forward to holding more in the future.”