Phoenix Archery is for the Robin Hood wannabees of Burnley

Archery is addictive. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Burnley is home to one of the largest indoor archery ranges in the UK – Phoenix Archery. The attraction incorporates two archery ranges, one a 25m advanced range and a smaller 10m beginners’ range.

Phoenix Archery has been open for four years and was opened by national archery enthusiast Mark Duerden. Phoenix Archery also has its own private woodland ‘Spa Wood’ on the outskirts of Burnley for outdoor competitions – with archery clubs travelling to the wood from across the UK for competitions.

Mark is a several-time England, wales and Scotland archery champion, his range is home to Team Firebird, one of the top five archery clubs in the UK.

“Team Firebird, one of the largest clubs in the UK, has around 70 members, and whilst it’s not the very biggest, we do win mist if the medals.”

Phoenix Archery claims a huge space on the top floor of Habergham Mill, and is without doubt the biggest centre in the region.