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No Planet B – Students tackle climate change in on-campus conference

Burnley College rear entrance

As world leaders assemble in Glasgow for the COP26 climate change conference, students at Burnley College are taking the future of the planet into their own hands by taking part in their own series of environmentally-conscious events named COP26BC.

What is COP26?

COP26 is this year’s crucial UN Climate Change Conference, which is being hosted by the UK in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31 October until 12 November. The talks are organised under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

COP stands for “conference of the parties”, and is a summit where the 197 signatories to the UNFCCC – 196 countries and the EU – come together to make decisions on how to implement the treaty.

What is COP26BC?

Local Party representatives from Lib Dem and Labour visit to Burnley College Sixth Form Centre 04/11/2021

COP26BC is a series of events held across the Princess Way Campus to run alongside the UN conference – with the intention of creating a raft of environmental policies which will shape the College’s future for decades to come.

The events run from the 1-12 November and are designed for students to voice their suggestions for the College’s current approach on the green agenda.

Students debate among themselves as well as with local politicians in their own Question Time style event. They will also be central to building new policies to ensure a sustainable future for everyone in the College community and beyond.

Students will also use the college’s industry connections to collaborate with local employers at their COP26BC roundtable event, pushing them on their sustainability record and supporting opportunities for change.

Simon Jordan, Deputy Principal for Burnley College, shares the students’ passion for the environment. He says:

“To make a true difference we want to be able to make changes which don’t just last for these two weeks – but are still being felt in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years’ time”

“Our COP26BC will provide an opportunity to enhance their understanding about the world we live in and to feel confident they have a voice which can invoke real and much needed change.”

What will it involved?

Ocean Revival will be returning to the College to give an update on their adventure rowing from New York to London Bridge. Burnley College was the education partner of the team on their journey, which aimed to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Former ‘Apprentice’ star Adam Corbally will also be sharing his industry expertise with budding entrepreneurs, briefing students to develop a concept or product that will revolutionise sustainability locally, nationally or even globally.

A team of their creative students will be upcycling reusable waste in their very own “Trashion Show.” The craft club plan to repurpose waste and create an art statement about the environment.

The crowning event for the week will be Burnley College’s own UN-style conference where students from all areas of the College will present their arguments with the ultimate aim to create a mandate for change.

These events are certainly exciting and a great way for students to get involved in such an important, global event. will be visiting shortly for the UN-style conference where students will be asking hard-hitting questions to local industry leaders.