Learn the ‘lifestyle’ of Burnley Blogger, Freya Farrington

Freya Farrington burnley blogger

Freya Farrington is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Burnley.

Alongside blogging, she also has her own YouTube channel.  Her blog began during her studies at university, as a part of the course students spent their third abroad in which they had to blog their experiences. She caught the blogging bug and in 2015 she started her own self-titled, beauty and fashion blog, ‘Freya Farrington’. Why? Simply because ‘she loves it’.

Blogging can be an uncertain future for many, but Freya has managed to turn this hobby in to a full time career earlier this year and ‘hasn’t looked back since’. She says:“One day, week, month is different from another, it’s unpredictable, a little scary, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

With such a huge, and ever-growing, world of competition how does Freya get noticed and produce content? Well rather than trying to be different and stick out she just tries to create the content that she would like to watch herself.

Freya Farrington burnley blogger

“That way I keep excited and motivated and uploads never seem a ‘chore’.”

As with every career there will always be positives and negatives – the hope is the positives will outweigh the negatives, right? So, what does that entail in the blogosphere…

“The best thing is all the amazing blogger events and gifting opportunities that arise, it’s like Christmas every day. I really like it all but I guess the negative is the the unpredictable nature of when your next brand partnership will be, but I suppose it’s not too dissimilar from anyone else who is self-employed.”

Freya moved to Burnley around 2 years ago to live with her boyfriend who she met whilst living in Manchester. She may be a little bias but her best tips for restaurants and nights out are her boyfriend’s restaurant and nightclub Illuminati, along with his latest business venture Carnivoro. She is still loving Burnley life describing it as “inexpensive, convenient, and friendly.”

She says: “I’ve started thrifting more on my channel to promote sustainable shopping and Burnley is great for charity shopping! It’s also great for filming ‘Come shopping with me’ videos, as I often do these in Poundland, Primark and my personal fav, TKMaxx.It’s easy and convenient to pop in to pick something up if ever I need to with affordable homeware stores like; Poundland, B&M, the Range, and Boots and Superdrug for any beauty needs. Burnley has it all!”

Having learnt so much from her own experience Freya also has some great tips for people who want to start out in the industry themselves.

“In true Nike form… Just Do It! Most people put it off and wait for the ‘right time’, myself included, but if it’s your true passion, there’s no better time than now. It can be difficult but there’s always room for more! Always learn – the improvement comes with practice.”

To keep her readers up to date with new content Freya plans to have more of a ‘Lifestyle” focus on her blog and she has even created a second Instagram account just for home and lifestyle posts ‘@freyafarringtonhome’.

“Who knows where that may lead to…. I took my own advice and Just. Did. It!

Freya Farrington Burnley blogger