Five outdoor seating venues for you to try out in Burnley

Wilfred's on the terrace

This week finally marks the opening of bars, pubs and restaurants so long that the customers can sit outside. We’re super excited and have even compiled a short list of some of the best places to eat and drink outside over the next few weeks.

You might have not known these places have seating areas or you might have just forgotten about some of the longstanding beer gardens that we’ve learned to love way before Covid. Bare in mind this list is in no order and we’ve missed out loads more hotspots which might include your favourite (Feel free to Tweet us @burnleysocial)!

1) Wilfred’s

Wilfred's outdoor seating area

Wilfred’s is the impressive third restaurant edition to the Crow Wood complex. If you haven’t seen the huge Crow Wood Hotel yet which was built in 2018, get yourself down as it’s quite a spectacle. What’s also a spectacle is the absolute mammoth of a canopy they’ve put up at the rear of the hotel.

2) Ballaro

Ballaro outdoor seating area

Ballaro is an award-winning Italian restaurant with a pretty neat beer garden perfectly suited for relaxing in the sun with your group of six. We’ve got fond memories of sitting out there in the sun with some fantastic live acts pre-covid. We used to love the live acts here, so we’ll be counting down the days until we can enjoy live music once again.

3) The Corkhouse

The Corkhouse outdoor
(More seating is available since the picture was taken)

Look at how great this fab wine and cocktail bar looks with it’s twinkling lights and town centre seating. The Corkhouse is one place we can’t wait to revisit. There may not be as much seating as other venues on this list, but nothing can beat watching the world go by, as you sip on your favourite tipple.

4) Penny Black

This is one you might not have considered. The Penny Black has converted the rear carpark into a fantastic outdoor seating area. They’ve had an event in this space before and it’s great that they’re utilising it so we can enjoy some tasty cocktails and nibbles over the next couple of months.

5) The Royal Dyche

The Royal Dyche beer garden

It wouldn’t be right to not include a pub beer garden on the list, and what better pub for a beer garden than the The Royal Dyche? Their outdoor area looks amazing and pays perfect homage to our favourite club.

Hopefully this list has informed you as the lockdown restrictions are eased from today onwards. There’s also plenty (like… loads) of places we’ve missed off and we’d love to hear about your favourites on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.