Dry Jan detox? Try these 3 locations for a alcohol-free start to 2022.


As we dive into 2022, dry January seems to be a common trend amongst those wanting to stay healthy and save some money. However, going alcohol-free doesn’t mean you’ll have to halt your social life. There are many places in Burnley to meet your closest friends for a catch up, we’ve picked out three.

These three places serve up great mocktails, milkshakes or mochas. #MeetInBurnley

1. Sit back and relax at William’s Lounge Bar

Just look at this place – it’s a real stunner! Most of the cocktail bars around town have mocktail options, but William’s Lounge Bar makes the list as we think it’s the perfect “kick-back-and-relax” location which still holds an upbeat atmosphere. This is the perfect place to catch-up with the crew, grab a coffee/mocktail/soft drink and watch the time fly in a cosy setting.

2. Grab a milkshake at Ellis’s

We’ll admit it, Ellis’s does some pretty crazy drinks for when your dry Jan is over, and they’ll probably do some pretty great mocktails as well. However, we’ve put them on this list for the shakes. Try trading your mocktail for a milkshake and you’ll find yourself ordering a second (or even fifth) so long as you’ve not started a New Year’s dieting plan.

Little do some people know, this legendary burger bar first started off selling exclusively milkshakes. After the milkshakes were such a hit, they decided to start serving food and, eventually, serving drinks. So, you know for absolute certain that this town centre hotspot has stood the test of time when it comes to delicious milkshakes.

3. Coffee and cake at Mooch Café87

It’s not just Burnley where you can meet up with friends. Padiham has loads of independent cafes that are ideal for a catch-up. The one we’ve picked out is Mooch Cafe87 as they do some fantastic coffee, but others could include the Fat Giraffe or No.81 – which is a few doors down from Mooch. The great thing about Padiham’s Town Centre is all the high quality independents, all within close proximity to one another. Make sure you give Mooch Cafe87, along with all of its fantastic neighbours, a visit.

These are only three of our picks out of the huge variety of locations in our borough. Make sure you give them a try, along with all of the other fantastic hotspots that we shout about on a regular basis.