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Danny Howarth: The Big Burnley Body Builder

Danny Howarth isn’t just your ordinary lad, he’s an 18-year-old Personal Trainer; and an award-winning Bodybuilder from Burnley.  He won the Miami Pro Teen award last year and has been achieving success in the fitness industry since.

Where did your journey begin?

“My love of sport has always been there since I was about 14. I used to love sport more than anyone in my class. I watched a lot of YouTube videos outside of school and that’s where I discovered people like David Laid and Jeff Seid, who were both successful in the fitness industry. From that day onwards, I knew fitness was my passion and it has been ever since.”

What do your family and friends think?

“My family are so supportive and they always have been. They just want me to do what makes me happy. The came to my first show and witnessed what I’d achieved. My girlfriend is so supportive too, hopefully with a bit of encouragement, she might compete one day too.”

Are your friends into fitness?

“I have a friend called Alex and he started training with me and a few friends decided to go the gym for the first time. He was one of the only people who stuck to it with me and I’d consider him to be a brother to me. We are starting our own joint Personal Training venture as we are both at the same stage in our fitness career.”

Do you miss out on the typical 18-year-old lifestyle?


“I’ve never been into drinking, to be honest. It’s just something that’s never appealed to me. Back when everyone in school was going to house parties; I just used to stay at home.

I could probably count how many times I’ve been out in the past year on one hand.”

What upsides are there to Personal Training?

“Being a personal trainer definitely has its benefits. When you are passionate about something, it’s good to educate others. I genuinely get a sense of fulfilment from helping people, so it’s the perfect job for me. It also fits my lifestyle perfectly, as I’ve got time to train myself and to manage my diet properly.”

What are the biggest misconceptions you’ve had to overcome as a bodybuilder?

“People always seem to have the opinion that you are full of yourself, if you go the gym and that’s genuinely not the case. I’m just passionate about it and want to help other people reach their goals. That’s how the whole Personal Training thing started. Believe it or not, my clients aren’t my age, most of them are older. A lot of young lads come in with the attitude that they know it all, whereas older people usually take in what you are telling them better.”

You were only 18 when you first competed, what was that like?

“I was such a newbie during the first show that I actually ended up missing the overall competition at the end of the show. This is where the winners of each individual category compete again each other, for the overall best physique. I was literally clueless where everyone went as it’s quite easy to see 150 tanned men wandering about. Hopefully I’ll remember to show up on time this year.”

Has bodybuilding helped with your confidence?

“I wasn’t very confident with how I looked when I was younger. I was also so self conscious about how people online looked that I never thought I was able to reach their standard. Even after winning the Miami Pro Teen award, there’s always something bigger, with more experience than you. You’ve just got to learn that there are people better than you and focus on your own goals. I think more than anything that’s come to me with age.”

Bodybuilders are known for their restrictive diets – what does an average day of eating look like for you?

“In the bodybuilding community, people like to talk a lot about eating a meal every 2 hours. It’s a case of finding out what works best for you. When I’m dieting down I eat about three times a day and one food I eat a lot of is Tomato Soup. You can have loads of it and it’s still barely any of your macros.”

What are your best diet tips?

“If it fits your macros (IIFYM) is something I preach to all my clients. I constantly disagree with Personal Trainer’s, who go on about the low carb diet. It’s not something you can maintain and if it’s meeting your goals using IIFYM, it goes against that theory.”

Have you ever had a Personal Trainer yourself?

“Funnily enough, I’ve got my own coach for when I do competitions. Even though I can do a lot of the stuff he helps me with, it’s always good to have someone else with you on your journey. Even if it’s just a check up to see how the diet is going, it goes a long way.”

What are your hopes for the future?

“Hopefully in the future I’ll have put much more bulk on as that’s the goal. When I did my first competition I was worried about how I would look but in terms of symmetry and weight but I did well in my category. In the future I’m wanting to take my physique to the next level by doing shows like the WBBF.”

If you want to see what Danny is currently up to check out his page: