Burnley business supports children’s mental health with new platform

Burnley’s digital sector is growing massively and offers a wide range of top apprenticeships with opportunities for growth. One Burnley business which seems to be thriving recently is IP Four; they’ve brought in a new initiative to help the growing mental health issues faced by children.

The past year has been an tough one for everybody. However, IT support company, IP Four, has recognised the impact on children’s mental health and has launched a new website to help encourage positive changes.

Individed has been developed to help young children and their parents, carers and teachers understand the pandemic on their mental health.

Aaron Ormerod, director of IP Four, explained that the results from the platform can especially be used by schools to identify which pupils might be struggling the most.

“The Individed platform was already being developed by ourselves and Innovate UK to address mental health and welfare of individuals in general. We use artificial intelligence to look at a person in real-time and provide resources that could help, as well as track their wellbeing over time. It’s a bit like a credit score – we can track the ups and the downs and change the personalised advice accordingly,” Mr Ormerod explained.

However, when COVID-19 hit, IP Four realised that the platform could be used to help children cope with the challenges of being away from family, friends and school. The results can also be used by parents, carers and teachers to help reintroduce pupils back into the school setting.

IP Four is one of the many employers putting Burnley on the map for digital innovation (we rank second in the UK for digital jobs growth). Not only that, any business shouting about mental health absolutely gets a tick in our books. Well done IP Four, great work!

If you’re interested in using this platform, contact IP Four here.