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All clues point to Burnley – why Kirsten Bradley reckons we are becoming a popular uni town

Hands up, who has been binge watching crime documentaries recently? We’re definitely guilty of thinking we’re the next Sherlock Holmes whilst sat in our PJs, eating leftover chocolate and shouting at the TV that obviously the neighbour’s best friend’s wife is the one who did it.

For one student, however, the dream of working in forensic psychology doesn’t stop when Netflix asks, ‘are you still watching?’ after entering the tenth hour of a ‘Making a Murderer’ marathon.

Kirsten Bradley, 19, is studying for a psychology degree in Burnley. Her goal is to work as part of a forensics team, and she’s starting her career path here at UCLan.

“I’ve always been interested in how people think and behave, so working as a psychologist in the police force is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Kirsten told us.

“Getting my degree was obviously the first step, so when I left Sixth Form I had to choose the right university and course for me. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Burnley my whole life, and for me it was the best place to continue my higher education. Most people think of big cities like London and Manchester, but for me, studying closer to home was a natural option.”

Obviously, we know that Burnley is the place to be – our community is the friendliest in the UK, our food is award-winning, and our town is thriving. But what factors were the most appealing for Kirsten?

“For me, finding the best course was vital and UCLan had the best programme. The industry links that the uni has with the NHS, medical practitioners, and even prison services and the police force are amazing. It means that I can get my foot in the door and start my career whist I’m still working on my qualifications.”

In fact, in the 2019 Guardian League Table for Psychology, UCLan was rated 13th for employment prospects of psychology graduates. The university itself also offers opportunities for students to get involved in the research carried out by staff by way of paid research internships and assistant research positions. Winner!

“The smaller class sizes were also appealing. In a large lecture hall filled with students, it’s easy to get lost. If I have a question or if I need any further guidance, I’m not afraid to ask for help.”

“The lecturers are amazing in that respect too – they’re always available for a chat or if I have any questions outside of office hours. I consider myself quite lucky to be under the tutelage of some incredible lecturers.”

“Psychology is a subject which excites me, and by studying it at degree level at UCLan Burnley, I’m confident that I’ll be able to shape my future and achieve my goals.”