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A gin lover’s dream job?

Batch Distillery Gin

Just five years ago, Ryan Evans was pursuing his dream in the world of music. To this day, he’s still making strides in grime and mc culture, with bookings all over the North and even being noticed by a top music label.

However, over the years Ryan, now aged 22, has gained passion in a very different, yet equally as exciting industry.

Ryan is now in the role of Junior Distiller at the award-winning Batch Distillery based in Burnley. This unique job involves the production of spirits and even the creation of new spirits by combining a variety of botanicals and distilling techniques.

Ryan from Batch Distillery next to boxes of gin

So how did Ryan get to where he is today? Well, only a few years prior Ryan was undergoing a two-year apprenticeship at Burnley College. The apprenticeship was in Production Manufacturing Operations (PMO) which basically teaches the general practices for production. When it comes to distilling gin, however, it’s definitely one of those niche skills that has to be learnt on the job – we can’t see Burnley College starting a gin distillery course anytime soon!

“I’m constantly researching new techniques and flavours that I might be able to bring into work. That’s what it’s about – research, research, research,” Ryan told

Whilst life as an apprentice was mainly about the distilling process, Ryan is now taking on wider areas of the business. This one-of-a-kind occupation caught our eye as one of the coolest jobs around, especially if you’re into these amazing artisan spirits getting carefully produced by Batch on a regular basis.

To this day, Ryan has created five unique spirits, two of which have been displayed in the high-end department store – Harvey Nichols and one in Selfridges. The five tipples created have been: Apprentices Vodka, Zheng Lun Botanical Blend, Peddlers Pins (Sour cherry gin), Broken Biscuit Rum and Ginavit (Aquavit Gin).

Batch innovations

What’s also great is how Ryan’s been part of the business’s growth. From a near-empty warehouse when he started in 2016, to being part of a brand with a huge array of loyal customers and some serious pieces of brewing equipment (stay tuned for our next vid!). Batch Distillery hasn’t just ridden the wave of the gin boom, they’ve helped create the wave, even winning Best Gin and Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2018.

It just goes to show that apprenticeships come in all shapes and sizes. Ryan’s job as junior distiller is definitely one of the trendiest we’ve seen and we can’t wait to see what new wonderful creations emerge in the future.