5 unique Burnley takeaways – perfect for a safe night in!

It’s Friday people! Let your hair down, put your feet up and stuff your face in with something a little bit different. 

We all love a cheeky pizza or kebab (shoutout to Bibis and Flames), but sometimes you need to experiment with something a little more out of the ordinary. Here at burnley.social, we think these five takeaways offer a unique, authentic or adventurous selection of food, all of which can be delivered straight to your door in Burnley


Nudl opened in December last year and serves up flavourful Indo-Chinese cuisine. But, this is far from your average Chinese takeaway. The tasty noodle bar is trendy yet cultural; it has the type of menu which has you Googling every item you see. In other words – it’s proper authentic!

01282 452874


Burritos, fajitas and nachos are such a much-loved part of the food world and our area doesn’t (yet) have a Mexicana-styled restaurant to visit. With that in mind, you should have seen the absolute delight on our faces that we found out about Kenanks, a Mexican and burger takeaway right here in Burnley, granting us the privilege of receiving a spicy, sizzling treat straight to the front door (and it’s faster service than a Mexican restaurant anyway!). It’s also worthy to mention that their burgers are unbelievable.

01282 411666

Urban Burritos

What’s this? Another Mexican takeaway? That’s right, Urban Burritos is one of the most recent additions to Burnley’s grab-and-go selection and we can’t wait to try it. We genuinely thought Mexican takeaways were a rarity, but with two taking up a spot on our list, maybe this is becoming a new trend. We hope so!

01282 413335

Jerky’s Caribbean Chicken

You might remember Jerky’s irresistible Caribbean cuisine from Burnley’s Market Hall. Well, they’ve now got themselves a spot at the top of Standish Street and we couldn’t be happier about it. If you’re in the mood for authentic Jerk Chicken that falls off the bone or adventurous curried goat which leaves you wanting seconds, we can’t think of anywhere more fitting than this well-established Burnley favourite.

07535 998704

Riverside Deli

The last takeaway on this list is much more of a deli, and is based over in Barrowford, so you know the fact that we’re covering it on a “Burnley takeaway” list means that we’re desperate to show it off.

For vegans and vegetarians, the Riverside Deli must resonate as some form of heaven. Their fresh, vegan, locally-sourced produce is not only delicious, it’s also seriously healthy.

07484 776299

Have we missed any more unique or special takeaways? Let us know on our socials – we’d love to give them a try!