The hidden garden paradise in Stoneyholme

31st October 2022
There's a hidden gem in Stoneyholme - Pennine Lancashire Community Farm. met with Helen, one of the members of staff to find out what happens here. Its Eco Community Hub is a self sustaining building, that was constructed during the winter of 2019/ spring 2020, with a living rooftop, water recycling, and insulated walls to assist with lowering the energy consumption. Burnley lifestyle_Chilli... readmore »

“The Foundry is ideal anyone in their 20s wanting to make a life for themselves”

25th October 2022
Georgina is a 23-year-old HR Representative who snapped up a two-bed apartment in The Foundry (the former Lava Ignite on Hammerton Street) to mark her first step on the property ladder. Georgina... readmore »

Made it in Burnley: Toby Uttley-Muldoon from Schofield & Associates

Those classic Burnley winds won't stop our new video series whether they like it or not. 💨 🍃 S2 E2 of 'Made it in Burnley' is Toby Uttley-Muldoon, Financial Adviser at Schofield... readmore »

A party like no other is coming to Burnley this Friday.

20th October 2022
This Friday, 21st October 2022, Faire Le Fête is hosting a unique nightlife concept at DLA Club on Hammerton Street in Burnley. After their successful debut on 30th September with Episode 1,... readmore »

The ultimate cycle route…

11th October 2022
We’re lucky to have some amazing award-winning parks across our borough and it’s worth seeing them all, at different times of the year, to fully enjoy their true beauty. Which led us... readmore »