Self-isolating can be soooooo boring! It is absolutely essential we all stay inside, but after eating ten packets of crisps in a row and reading all the articles on the Burnley.Social website – what’s next?

We’ve put together the best TV shows and films to get you through self-isolation – and because we are Burnley Social, there’s a common theme throughout…

The King’s Speech

You can’t beat a bit of Colin Firth on your telly-box, can you? The King’s Speech is comforting, inspiring, and one of the scenes was filmed at Burnley’s Queen Street Textile Mill! The film, which is about King George VI struggling to cope with a serious stammer, is a must-see feel-good flick.

Available on: Netflix UK.

A Christmas Carol

Speaking of Queen Street Textile Mill… BBC’s adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol, was also filmed at the historic mill in Briercliffe! We know the festive period has been and gone, but with all this staying in, eating our body weight in biscuits and not knowing quite what day it is, it may as well be Christmas.

Available on: BBC iPlayer

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Having a Harry Potter marathon is probably the best use of your time during a lockdown, is it not? Pay special attention to the third film though, because Stan Shunpike aka conductor of the Knight Bus aka actor Lee Ingleby, is one of our own! The actor grew up in’t area – safe to say, he hit the big time with Harry Potter. Mischief managed!

Available on: YouTube from £2.49

Doctor Who

Who didn’t love Doctor Who growing up? Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or after a new series to binge, series three features John Simm, who is technically from Nelson but we won’t tell if you don’t, as one of the Doctor’s foes – known as ‘The Master’.

If Doctor Who isn’t your cup of benny and hot, Simm’s filmography is pretty impressive – he’s starred in Life on Mars (BBC series), Strangers (Netflix), and 24-hour party people (2002 biopic about Manchester’s music scene).

Available on: BBC iPlayer, Netflix

Five Guys a Week

When we say Five Guys, for once we’re not on about food. With the likes of Dean Overson, MeLeon and Kieran Lee dominating our TV it’s time the girls had a go! Kellie Dobson, owner of The Looking Glass salon in Barrowford, let five guys live with her for a week as part of the new dating show. To be honest, we’d prefer the burger version of Five Guys but that’s just us.

Available on: All 4

Have we forgotten something?

We’ve given you enough to be getting on with for at least a week – but have you got any suggestions? Send them to us @BurnleySocial on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.