Show us yer brains – Lottie May Taylor gives us a glimpse into the world of SFX

20th March 2020
We’re all guilty of being so into a tv series that we’ve imagined ourselves as one of the characters. We won’t judge, we do it too. However for Lottie May Taylor, there’s no wishing needed – her magic power is transforming herself into any character she wants. Geralt from The Witcher? Check. The Grinch? Done it. The Mona Lisa? Of course! Safe to say... readmore »

Molly Cronshaw isn’t bad for a girl

13th March 2020
Molly Cronshaw is completely redefining what it means to be a female DJ in the North West. At 24, the former Burnley College student is already playing her own shows in Manchester... readmore »

Kieran Lee: Life Off Screen

6th March 2020
You’ve seen him on the Beach, you’ve seen him on Big Brother, now it’s time to see him on Burnley Social! 27-year-old reality star and local Burnley boy Kieran Lee told us... readmore »