LOLLIPOP. The latest treat for northerners.

28th February 2020
Great gravy, friendly faces and ridiculous rainfall all contribute to putting the North on the map. Now we’re adding LOLLIPOP magazine to the things we consider ‘reyt’ Northern. We caught up with creator, editor and writer Lauren Molyneux-Dixon, a.k.a. Lolli, to hear all about her creation and her love for all things arts and culture. “I have always loved this wonderful little patch of... readmore »

Awards and travelling the Globe: Ella and Jake on Why They Love Engineering

21st February 2020
After National Apprenticeship Week, we know there's a ton of great apprenticeships in Burnley – but one employer stood above the rest. Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH) is filled with opportunities for young... readmore »

What are Burnley’s Influencers up to now?

14th February 2020
Last year when we kicked-off Burnley Social, we spoke to blogger Emma Campbell, make-up artist Elise Munroe and Kyle Ellis, owner of Ellis’s. It’s over a year later and we’re keen to... readmore »

National Apprentice Week 2020: Why Burnley is at the forefront of the apprentice revolution

7th February 2020
If you’ve been following our social media feeds this week, you’ll know that we’ve been National Apprentice Week. Burnley is chock full digital marketing experts, engineering whizzes and award-winning young people –... readmore »