All clues point to Burnley – why Kirsten Bradley reckons we are becoming a popular uni town

27th December 2019
Hands up, who has been binge watching crime documentaries recently? We’re definitely guilty of thinking we’re the next Sherlock Holmes whilst sat in our PJs, eating leftover chocolate and shouting at the TV that obviously the neighbour’s best friend’s wife is the one who did it. For one student, however, the dream of working in forensic psychology doesn’t stop when Netflix asks, ‘are you... readmore »

Burnley Uncovered | Episode 14 | Illuminati

23rd December 2019 readmore »

Christmas in Burnley: Where to go and What to do

18th December 2019
Forget Lapland, there’s nothing better than Burnley over the Festive season. If you’re spending your Christmas out and about in town, then we’ve got the lowdown on the best places to eat,... readmore »

Burnley’s artists empowered after Platform Project performances

13th December 2019
“I’m absolutely blown away at the response we’ve had,” Natalie George tells us. “I never expected it to be this big.” Natalie is, of course, talking about the Platform Project, a joint... readmore »

Who? He’s MeLeon

6th December 2019
Graduating from UCLan Burnley, recording two full-length albums and starring in *that* Channel 4 show, MeLeon has done it all. With a face that is already recognised by nearly everyone in Burnley,... readmore »