Lift Off the Ground with a Unique Take on Dance & Fitness

31st May 2019
The pull of running a dance studio in Australia wasn’t quite as appealing as making a mark in her hometown, Burnley. We get it. So, we caught up with Lauren Stott, owner of Unique Dance & Fitness, to find out why she built her empire in Burnley, talk Aerial Hoop and the influence of The Greatest Showman, and attracting dance influencers from TV and... readmore »

Fluffy Brows, Wigs & Make-Up Selfies : Meet MUA Elise Munroe

24th May 2019
Millennials are transforming the beauty industry, says everyone including Forbes.  Everything from the success of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to cult brands like Glossier can be attributed to twenty-somethings with a large online... readmore »

The Rise of Barbershops

17th May 2019
Burnley is home to loads of Barbershops. New ones are popping up all the time, others have been there for years, all of them are busy and have their own identity. So... readmore »

Burnley’s Battle’s Cancer Goes Global

10th May 2019
Scroll through Instagram and you’re bound to see loads of fitness posts. The influencer’s preferred style of training has surpassed more traditional training habits and two creatives from Burnley are getting ready... readmore »

Makeup Made Easy with Burnley’s Makeup Doctor

3rd May 2019
Hands up, who’s done it. Bought into the latest make-up with the intention of it changing our lives (face), got it home, no idea how to use it properly, sits in drawer.... readmore »