Strength, flexibility and balance are just some of the things you can gain by practicing Tai Chi. From the ancient world of China to the streets of Burnley, Helena Kean and David Pelling from Lighthouse Tai Chi are bringing meditation in motion to East Lancashire.

Beginning their adventure in 2010 here in Burnley, Helena and David now run nineteen sessions across East Lancashire with the aim of promoting health and fitness alongside well-being through Tai Chi. Lighthouse Tai Chi run weekly sessions, where everyone is welcome (even beginners!), as well as workshops and events.

Helena moved to Burnley when she was 17 where she worked for a charity project whilst training as a business adviser. Her passion for helping people led her to begin a partnership with David, and thus, Lighthouse Tai Chi was found.

Although their expertise is shared with students across the whole of East Lancashire, Helena and David still champion Burnley as a place where individuals, as well as small businesses can thrive:

“We chose Burnley because it’s a hub. For transport links, business partnerships and connectivity – it’s an enterprising place.”

Lighthouse Tai Chi also run an event every year called Tai Chi in the Park, which is perfect for beginners and experts alike – and is the perfect way to connect with the great outdoors!

If high-octane workouts aren’t your speed, then you can find your nearest Tai Chi session with Lighthouse Tai Chi on their website – just don’t forget to tag Burnley.Social when you post your best moves on social media.