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10 Things You Need for Beat-Herder

Whether you’re a veteran festival-goer or going on your first festival this year, there are some things everyone needs to stock up on before they head out to Beat-Herder, whether you’re just going for the day or making a weekend of it and pitching your tent up from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th of July.



Nothing ruins a festival experience like peeling skin, so be sure to keep your sun cream handy during the day. To save carrying around a large bottle, consider getting a travel container and refilling that daily from a larger bottle kept in your tent for each day.



Make sure you keep fresh by using deodorant generously. If your top exposes your underarms, topping up your deodorant with a small spray can whenever you feel the need will help keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh for the whole day.


Phone Charger

Having a dead phone stops you from being able to take pics, move your money through online banking and can leave you feeling vulnerable if you’ve lost your group and can’t contact them. A portable phone charger is one of the best things you can buy for a festival, whether you’re going for one day or the whole weekend.


Banking App

While it’s better to have cash on hand, it’s also important to have your card in case of emergencies and a banking app so you can control your money. Banking apps are helpful for any situation – especially festivals – as they allow you to cancel your card if it goes missing, move money from your savings in case of an emergency, control your spending and usually enable mobile contactless paying.


Toilet Roll

It’s a sad reality that at festivals, toilet roll runs out quickly. Be prepared by keeping a travel-sized toilet roll or a packet of tissues on hand.


Hand Sanitiser

Similarly to toilet roll, nobody wants to find themselves without soap or sanitiser when they need it the most. A packet of wet wipes or a small bottle of hand sanitiser can be a lifesaver at festivals, so make sure you have a bottle in your bag or clipped on to your belt or keys!



Those shoes you’ve been excited to stunt in at Beat-Herder may look good, but are they worth the blisters? Keep plasters in your wallet (as well as any other emergency protection you might need) in case of shoe disasters, outfit chaffing or minor mosh pit injuries.



While there will be plenty of places to get food at Beat-Herder, carrying a couple of high-energy snacks is still a good idea. These snacks are ideal for when a food line is insanely long and you’re starving, or if you or one of your mates starts to feel a bit light-headed or unwell from lack of food and heat and you need a quick energy fix to see yourself right.



It’s easy to overspend on a card and once you’re at any festival, getting to a place where you can withdraw cash can be a nuisance, so make sure you’re stocked up on plenty of physical cash for food, drinks and anything else you might need. We’d advise you still take a card in case of emergencies, but paying with cash is the best option where possible.


Ticket and ID

You’ve got to the festival, you have your plasters and phone chargers and sun cream all with you, but you’ve forgotten the most important thing: your tickets. Make sure while packing that you don’t overlook the two most important things to bring to a festival: your ticket and ID.


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Festival go-er in bucket hat, sunglasses and long white-blonde braids dancing at sunset.

Beat-Herder 2018

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